zondag 27 juli 2008

Winner challenge #5

Glad too see that a lot of you joined us on this challenge!Some of you totally went creative with the tearing,how awesome!We did our votes,and the winner is:

So send your info to inspiredbyamelie-owner@yahoogroups.com and we make sure you get your price.

Here are our favorite's!

maandag 7 juli 2008

Challenge #5 Tearing pictures

In the movie,Amelie finds an album with repaired photobooth pictures.Her crush collects photobooth pictures that have been teared and thrown away.He repairs them and put them all in to albums.Inspired by these teared pictures,we wanted to use them for our next challenge.So go ahead and tear those pictures into pieces!Or just ripp of a piece of the picture,it's up to you.Just make sure you also use the color red on your layout!The deadline is the 21th of July. Our sponsor this month is the fabulous kit club Story of My Life.They make the most fantastic kit's,so the winner will not be dissapointed.
We have our first Guest Designer this month and her name is Kirsty Hansen A.K.A. messyhappyfunkirsty.Her work is amazing and original and there are no words that can describe how awesome her layout is for our 5th challenge.

Please tell us something about yourself.

Almost 30, live in sunny oz, love all things cute & quirky, fav food cereal, collect antique furniture, just engaged, can't live without chai lattes.

Where can we see your work?

You can check out my work over at Embellished and SISTV .

Can you describe your style?

Messy, random, playful, bright.

How does Amelie inspire you?

I love her randomness and complete abandon for order and structure. Her innocent, playful nature is so refreshing and enchanting.

Anything you would like to add?

This is so cool. My first ever guest spot. You girls rock!!! Thanks so much.Celine
Dina FauveLarissa
Lucy RhianSally
We can't wait to see your entries,Happy Scrapping!

dinsdag 1 juli 2008

Artist Feature - El Lohse

Hello all! How have you been? Hopefully feeling inspired, like the rest of us here at Inspired by Amelie!

As scrapbookers, paper artists, and all around crafty people, we're all here because of our shared love for this lovely little movie. But, did you know we're not the only ones taking inspiration from "Amelie"? That's right, and right now I'd like to introduce you to one artist extraodinaire bringing "Amelie" to life on canvas, El Lohse.I was taken by El's work immediately upon discovering it. Like with the movie, there is a certain indistinguishable charm in all of her pieces and this includes not only her "Ode to Amelie" series, but all of her others as well. The colors, style, ability to capture scenes from pop culture so wonderfully...it's magic. El currently sells prints of her pieces (most in limited edition) in her Etsy shop, Elloh.

Here is a little bit about her, in her own words...

Hello, my name is El, short for Ellen, Lohse. I am an illustrator in Philadelphia, with a love of storytelling, traveling, humor, color (including black and white movies) and pop culture. Portraits of people, places and things, both in words and visually as a painting or drawing is a passion of mine. Although life can be on the glass half empty side of things at times, I prefer my work to be always half full, with someone just about to add some ice, a lemon wedge, straw and paper umbrella to it, with a waiter waiting to pour you a refill.
1. What about "Amelie" inspires you most? Everything. The cinematography and saturated color. Paris. The French language (although I rely on the subtitles). Nino and his amazing photobooth scrapbook. The likes and dislikes of all the characters. Traveling gnomes! The magical storytelling accompanied by the lovely musical score. Did I mention Paris?! Her neighbor the painter. The character Amelie and her good deed secret agent ways. And yes, the happy ending.

2. How do you choose which scenes in "Amelie" to depict in your pieces? It's so difficult! I have a list of scenes just waiting to be finished. My first piece dealt with her childhood. I loved the way the film captured Amelie's younger years. It was filled with so many little quirks and details in such a short time. The scene where she is checking the heartbeat of her imaginary monster friend reminded me of when I was little, so much, I just had to draw my interpretation of it. I'm working on the Zorro scene of Amelie in the photobooth along with the scene where she guides the blind man down the street to the train depot, describing the visuals to him as they walk. It reminds me of my grandmother, Helen, who passed away when I was 8. She was blind. Whenever I watch that scene I think of how much fun it would've been to be her guide. Oh and I plan on doing another gnome portrait (with Amelie and her Dad) because ever since watching the cartoon 'David the Gnome' when I was younger I've loved them. Oh and a tshirt design too. Can we add a few more hours in the day? please? 3. If you could be Amelie for a day, what would you do? It would be a usual, wonderful day. Have a caffé with Nino before he goes to the area photobooths to repair them (his new job given to him by the converse wearing former repairman). He loves it because he can go to more booths each day and collect even more photos for an exhibition he's having of his work in Amelie's (my) cafe. Well, the one I used to work at. I now opened the 'Lady Di Good Deed Agency'. People hire me, Amelie, to be their secret agent good doer. It is tiring, but rewarding work. I take a break reading a letter from my father who is on Safari. He has included a postcard for me to give to his gnome at home. I visit my painter friend to give him another tape I made for him, and to see his new work. He is also having an exhibit with Nino. One of the scenes I videotaped is of the carousel near the Sacré-Coeur. He plans on painting it now. Renoir can wait. I leave him to his work and go back home for the evening filled with tea, book reading, movie watching and lastly dreaming of what the next day may bring.

4. If you could describe "Amelie" in 3 words, what would they be? good-deed (we'll pretend it's one word ;)) secret agent

5. Do you own your own garden gnome? Yes. Near a cactus. Actually I don't own a cactus. I sadly don't have a green thumb, unless I am painting with green paint.
A big thanks to El for taking the time to speak with us and letting us share her amazing talent with you all!

Remember, when the inspiration strikes, embrace the magic and just let it flow. Also, don't forget to come back on the 7th for a brand spankin' new challenge! You'll be inspired, I promise! :)