zaterdag 15 maart 2008

Skipping stones tutorial

Our designer Cindy made a beautiful pair of skipping stones for our first challenge.Now she is going to show us how to make them,by using a step by step tutorial.We would love to see your take on this,so please share the links in the comment section.We might even have a cute prize for you...

Edit:Thanks to blogger,we won't be able to click the pictures and see the larger size...No idea why!?But for a closer view you can click here.

-Clip art from magazine or book

-polished stones

-gel medium

-gloss varnish


-medium camel hair brush (soft bristle)

-general purpose brush



- paint for embellishment
Hold clip art and stone against a lamp. The stones silhouette will aid you in positioning your clip art.
Once positioned, place clip art and stone down on a surface and trace around the shape of the rock for a cutting guide.

Cut along the tracing.
Brush gel medium or glue to the back of your clip art. I chose gel medium because it's flexible, ready to brush on and doesn't need to be diluted.
Place clip art on stone and adhere. Use your fingers to gently smooth out creases and air bubbles under the paper. Paint embellishments or add more layers using the same method.
To varnish gently rotate the varnish bottle to mix the lacquer. Avoid shaking since this will create a multitude of air bubbles. Pour varnish into a separate container and use a flat tipped, soft bristle brush to apply varnish. Scrape the bristles against an edge between coats to eliminate air bubbles on the finish. Allow to dry and apply at least 5 coats for a tight seal.
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(Be sure to link your layouts for our first challenge here.The deadline is the 25th of March!)

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Maggie zei

it's very hard to read the directions, can you make them bigger or type them?

D@nielle zei

ooooh very cool !

lilibee zei

very nice and seems to be not very hard to do!!

Cristina&David zei

hey !! this is sooooo cool !! thanks so much !!!

april zei

Great blog! If you haven't already, check out She does great work!

amytangerine zei

so soo cool! thanks for the inspo!