vrijdag 15 mei 2009

Challenge 13

Hi everybody...here is finally our new challenge and this time it will be all about ALTER EGO'S..
We where thinking about how Amelie would play tricks on the grocer to avenge the young men who worked for him. That is when we saw her in her mask and cape. So we thought about an alter ego---like Clark Kent is Superman. Or Bruce Waine is Batman. It doesn't have to be a super hero but another version of yourself...could be good or even naughty

We want to see yours Alter ego...
We have also again a great Awesome price for you and this time it will be HAMBLY PRINTS
so come on and play with us ...

This is what the lovely Amelie Girls did i hope we can give you the boost to make you alter ego...

larissa alter
Safo Joker alter ego
Denise just looks like
Karen Walker
Karin always feels like
a little girl
Valerie as Flashy alter girl

Servine as a lovely
sweet alter ego girl
Mandy day and night girl
Penny as bellydancer girl
Be sure to link up your pages in the comment section before the 25th of April.