woensdag 11 juni 2008

I like to give a big shout out to Cindy!

Our Amelie girl Cindy turned our blog into a beautiful Amelie world.We love our new banner and avatars,and we hope you like it too!Don't forget to show Cindy some love and tell us if you like it/ have any cool idea's!

I wanted to share some pictures from my visit to Les Deux Moulins in Paris.I had a great time and a lovely lunch at the pretty cafe where Amelie works.I also spotted a beautiful Amelie drawing at the Sacre Coeur.I love Paris,and can't wait to go back to visit more Amelie places.
Thanks for letting me share,and don't forget to play along with our new challenge!The deadline is the 21th.

4 opmerkingen:

Dana zei

I am soooo happy to find this blog! This is terrific!

lilibee zei

very beautiful banner!!and fauve you were in France??montmartre and paris is wonderful isn't it?
leila from france

Larissa Crescini zei

Wow, Fauve! I love your photos... I'm going to Paris on 12th July, so, I'll take some photos to our blog too...

Charin zei

Oooh, I'm jealous!! I would love to see that loveliness :)
The blog looks great, really love the new banner and all the links!