dinsdag 26 augustus 2008

Our new designer(s)

Sorry it took so long everybody!We had a super hard time picking a new designer.The entries were amazing,and that's why we decided to choose 3 new designers.But before we announce who they are,we wan't to thank everyone for trying out.We really appreciate the support and love for our blog and we hope you all continue to play with us.

The Amelie team picked these 3 new designers:
Valerie Foster
Candice ReszkoPenelope(Penny) LachWe all loved their original touches and we can't wait to see their beautiful work for the Amelie challenges.Please show them some love in comment section!!
The winner for challenge 6 will be announced on September 1st.And be sure to check out the new challenge on September 7th,we have a great price waiting for you!

9 opmerkingen:

Louise zei

Oooh Congratulations Guys!!! WTG :) :) :)

Britta zei

oh wow - you girls are amazing! Congratulations!

Britta zei

and hey again! Just wanted to let you creative girls know that I [heart] your blog and left you a little award on mine...
don´t feel like you have to play along - this is just to honor the great and creative work you are doing here!

TracyP zei

Congrats!!! Nice choices on all 3! I can see that it would of been hard!

Angelique zei

WOW! All 3 are lovely! Congratulations ladies!

hollystar zei


anniebee zei

wow- you guys are way out of my league. lovely work. very inspiring.

Pattern Paper Addict zei

Congrats ladies! All of your LOs are beautiful!

Rhi zei

congratulations, ladies!