zondag 28 september 2008

Winner challenge #7

We needed to use a map to find the winner for this challenge.Some really original idea's again,thank you for playing!But as usual there can only be one winner,and the Amelie girls picked:
Thank you,please send your addy to; inspiredbyamelie-owner@yahoogroups.com and we get our kit out to you.

Here are some of our faves

3 opmerkingen:

lari scrap zei

Huge congrats, Maísa Mendonça, you knoou I love your work! And this Lo is awesome. Seriously.

*Ma* zei

I'm SO happy!!!
Thank you so much girls.
I love the Inspired by Amelie.


Maisa Mendonça

{Cristina&David} zei

YEAH for Maina, her style is wonderful !!!!!!!!!!!! And this LO is amazing !!!!!