dinsdag 10 februari 2009

Challenge 10+our new girls!

Whaaaaaaa crazy busy as alway's!!And the worst of it all...I didn't have internet connection!!!I was going crazy!!I was planning to post 2 day's ago since i kinda like to kick off the new challenge on the 10th of each of month.Unfortunately there was some delay...but from now on our challenge goes up on the 10th. :)

Before we explain the new challenge,i wan't to introduce some of our new girls.They are AMAZING! Please give them a warm welcome!And a HUGE thanks to everyone who applied for the call.It has been really hard since there were so many great submissions!Please tell us something about yourself.
I am Safo,23 years. I have a little girl called Ange,who is 4 years old and we live close to Paris.I have been a scrapbooker for over 3 years now.I like photography,music, the exits between friends and candies… And I Love to be a part of this great adventure :))

Where can we see your work?

Can you describe your style?
My style is colorful, freestyle.

How does Amelie inspire you?
I have seen the movie two weeks ago. I really love one universe psychedelic and the music,it's so gorgeoussss...

Anything you would like to add?
Thank you Fauve for a very quick new challenge.
Please tell us something about yourself.
Hello girls,I'm Severine Sorbier or "Les Elucubrations de Severine"
I live in South west of France in Lacanau <http://www.lacanau.com/webcams.htm> a city near the ocean, with my husband and my daughter Zoe … my two dogs and my cat !!! lot of people in this house :-) .I began scrapbooking since December 2004.And I love photography, especially “cheap photography”, I have a lomo with color flash and filters and an old folding camera date from 50’S … I very much love the results with these cameras.
I design stamps for “Katzelkraft” and collaborate to create a line of paper kraft with “la compagnie du kraft.”Sorry for this short bio but writing in English is not easy for me but I am working on it.

Can you describe your style?
A mix with Freestyle and Mixed Media ... It's my style :-)At first, I did traditional scrapping, and then I did more freestyle and mixed media. Now I do a mix of all techniques with MY photos or vintage photos and specially "les baigneuses".
How does Amelie inspire you?
I Love Montmartre, love style of this film, love colors, love vintage tone of the film and love the gnomes.
Anything you would like to add?
I'm really happy to join this Design Team and hope my creation inspire you.
Please tell us something about yourself.

Well there is a 30 year old girl who lived in thesouth of the netherlands with her king michel en prince mexx.. She loves to travel around the world cutting hair and make people beautiful.Her other passion is scrapbooking.She loves to do these things and she lives happily every day....

Where can we see your work?
You can find my work at http://www.karinkreijen.blogspot.com/ and sis gallery sisname; Mexx

Can you describe your style?
Hmmm not easy to discribe your own work,i find it very hard but i'll try to explain... I think it's freestyle with a sense of humor story in it.Very colorful and i try to use not scrapbook related products in it.

How does Amelie inspire you?
Well,do i have to explain that?Come on!Watch the movie,it is awesome..I love everything about it,and i love Paris ....Oooh what a lovely city...and those colors...and her style...I like,like,like it!And then the gnome!I love gnomes and everything that has something to do with the fantasy world i live in...And that's why this movie inspires me so much.Love every bit of it.

Anything you would like to add?
Well just wanne thanks the girls here for picking me to be on this wonderfull design team and that i will and can inspire others.Love it ...
Please tell us something about yourself.
I am a lover of all things quirky.I love to sew but I am not very good at it.I have been scrapbooking for 8 years and seriously love it.I collect junk.I believe chocolate is the food of the gods.I am a passionate yet inconsistant mother.I married the right man.I really think there is nothing better than a strong cup of good coffee and an interesting book.I like to plan trips even if I know I won't be able to go.I dislike nail polish on my finger nails.I love to sleep but never get more than six hours.Turning 40 was awesome!

Where can we see your work?
I have a gallery on Scrap in Style TV.I am lucky to be on the design team of the challenge blog OLW and I also have a blog.

Can you describe your style?
Oh I think basically random.I love to just do what I feel. My favorite styles to admire are simple and vintage but I rarely create that way.

How does Amelie inspire you?
In so many ways. The colors, the wonkiness of the characters. I liked Amelie's shyness, her rock skipping.I really felt that this was a story that represents magic in little things...in simple kindness and imperfection. It is a movie that leaves me content and hopeful.

Anything you would like to add?
Yes. I am excited to be here!

So,our new challenge is all about Gnomes!We adore the traveling Gnome from the movie,and hope he insires you to create something and get's you into a Gnomie mood :) We would love to see you use the Gnom pictures we added,but we mainly just like to see some Gnomes on your project.Easy one right?Some come on,and play!!
Our price is a kit from the fabulous...bad girls kits!Deadline is the 25th of February!

We found a fantastic guest designer for this month!I seriously love her unique work,she is a huge inspiration.Pleased to introduce Mandi Graber .
Please tell us something about yourself.
I'm a 23 year old college student with a stud of a husband, which makes it totally easy to scrapbook, generally. :) I'm also a nanny and I have an online vintage clothing shop. I love taking photos and playing with all things crafty.
Where can we see your work?
At the galleries at my blog: http://candimandi.typepad.com/

Can you describe your style?
I would say I like a mix of warm and funky craftiness with a bit of minimalism mixed in.

How does Amelie inspire you?
To look at the world from different perspectives.

Anything you would like to add?
Nothing I can think of! :)

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lari scrap zei

What an amazing team!!! Welcome to the nwe girls and I our guest designer has made such a fabulous Lo! I'm so lucky to be part of this team!

MandyKay zei

beautiful projects ladies!!!

Kara zei

whoooa! so cool.

Ginger Dougherty zei

This was so much fun...THAnK You!!!

Aranka zei

Hi you fabulous girls!!

This time i wanted to take part because of these great gnomes!
Here you can find my LO:


xx Aranka

teresa zei

the lunchbox tin is too cute, will jump into making one myself! my version... so exciting!

elaine.maffessoni zei

That´s a wonderful team... I loved all the projects! Congratulations, all you girls!

Elaine Maffessoni

Megan zei

Here's mine!


P.S. Congratulations ladies! I love all of your work!

Lylú zei

I love this blog!


thanks !

benelun zei

Congrats for this new fabulous team!!!
This challenge is really fun!!
Here is my layout :

MandyKay zei

the new look is just FABULOUS!

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