vrijdag 15 mei 2009

Challenge 13

Hi everybody...here is finally our new challenge and this time it will be all about ALTER EGO'S..
We where thinking about how Amelie would play tricks on the grocer to avenge the young men who worked for him. That is when we saw her in her mask and cape. So we thought about an alter ego---like Clark Kent is Superman. Or Bruce Waine is Batman. It doesn't have to be a super hero but another version of yourself...could be good or even naughty

We want to see yours Alter ego...
We have also again a great Awesome price for you and this time it will be HAMBLY PRINTS
so come on and play with us ...

This is what the lovely Amelie Girls did i hope we can give you the boost to make you alter ego...

larissa alter
Safo Joker alter ego
Denise just looks like
Karen Walker
Karin always feels like
a little girl
Valerie as Flashy alter girl

Servine as a lovely
sweet alter ego girl
Mandy day and night girl
Penny as bellydancer girl
Be sure to link up your pages in the comment section before the 25th of April.

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Anoniem zei


great challenge... here's my LO



Chris zei

Love this prompt but don't you mean May instead of April for the deadline? here's mine

Mexx zei

yeah of course it would be may the deadline sorry about that how goofy of me sorry...loves karin

stephanie zei

http://skalovingeek.blogspot.com/2009/05/more-stuff.html sorry about the poor scan though

Ruby Claire zei

Hey (:
I won Challenge 11 and was wondering if my prize has been sent or not.. Just following it up(:
Hope I will get a chace to do this challenge! It is awesome and the DT are so talented!


yyam zei

Here's mine...

Aranka zei

Hi girls:

Love all your LO's on this one, and here you can find my take:

Thanks for looking!!

xx Aranka

Chris zei

Did you ever announce a winner for challenge 12?

Anoniem zei

First of all, I LOVE this blog! All of the ladies on here are so talented! I've been inspired to play with live product! I'm a digital scrapbooker and designer and hardly ever get to play with paper any more. LOL! You can find my take on this challenge here: http://sarahbarberdesign.com

Thank you!

Giuli zei

Wow! I love this style, the colors are wonderful!!

me-bear zei

I've got DID...choosing just one would cause major envy among the others, but getting all alters on just one layout, would be a Mission Impossible, since we're with more than a hundred!!! LOL!!!!!
How about that?
Never thought a scrap challenge would dig this much into me LOL!!! And it isn't even therapy scrapping!!!

xx Monica (yes and a lot of others...)

Germain zei

The movie, Amelie, takes a magic marker, draws a big question mark over its heart and asks, "Where and When?"

Daydreams and a vivid imagination inform Amelie who cannot otherwise piece together the formative events of her life (her mother was freakishly killed by a falling suicide who had jumped off a building). Events seem to happen When and Where they please. Amelie discovers, wedged in the wall boards of her apartment, an old tin of childhood toys that once belonged to the now middle aged former tenant who is estranged from his daughter - the toys recall for him that time - maybe the past can repair the present.

Ou et Quand? Amelie doesn't know.

When Amelie and the young scrapbook maker finally meet, he starts to talk, she raises her hand to his mouth to stop him from anxiously ruining the moment and kisses him, first the right corner of his mouth, next the corner of his neck, then each eyelid. He follows her lead, silently kissing her back... the four corners of her torn self portrait come together as "Where and When" is gently and sweetly answered - or is it?

Tentatively Amelie bridges her inner world of magical thinking to the adult world, much the way a voodoo shaman uses pins and dolls - only in her case she uses garden figurines and personal artifacts (old toys, slippers, torn photographs, masks.) She rarely leaves the boundaries of her small almost play house village. She often goes to the train station but she never gets on a train.

The world frightens Amelie and she hides from it effectively. No one sees her behind the scenes setting in motion the events that lead to the mean shopkeeper's lesson in compassion; her father's release from agoraphobia; the cashier's sensual return to her hot blooded self. When Amelie finally comes face to face with the young scrapbook maker she is standing behind a glass wall upon which she is writing the restaurant's "specials" (she looks like she is on the menu) - but what if she isn't quite to his taste? Only moments before she witnessed his disappointment when he realized that the conventionally attractive young woman approaching him in the restaurant was not his mystery date. Just as it wasn't safe for Amelie's mother to walk by a building perhaps it is not yet safe for Amelie to go out.

Where and When anyone emerges from childhood to adulthood (as we watch Amelie so quirkily do) may be about learning to overcome the fear that keeps us from traveling beyond our own borders - merely manipulating from a safe distance whatever idiosyncratic toys we have at our disposal within the confines of our childhood experience. That is the question Amelie tries to answer for herself. In the end she emerges, pale form a childhood spent mostly in the shadows into the bright sunlight shining on her face as she rides on the back of the scooter, arms around the man she has discovered the courage to finally meet.

Now she is going somewhere.

Posted By Germain to Rough Fractals at 6/27/2009 06:08:00 AM

Emily zei

Awww, I love the alter ego pages! So fabulous! -e

Penny zei

Ladies....we seem to have lost contact with our fearless leader. Members of the team are scattered all over the world, and I guess it's easy for that to happen sometimes.

As soon as everything gets cleared up, we will announce winners that need to get announced, get out prizes that need to be sent, and start back up with the challenges.

Thanks for understanding, and for continuing to stop by!


nona zei

It challenges for the first time.

Here's mine...


jackie(worcs) zei

What happened to this blog?? I used to love popping in here for inspiration. Where'd everyone go??

Wow Gold zei

Very Nice Blog

Wow Gold zei

very nice blog

Anoniem zei


Monique zei

Geweldige layouts weer!!! Maar Fauve, ik kan van de blogposts absoluut niet de grijze letters op de rode achtergrond lezen :(

Irma zei

Hi, lovely work by DT and participants...I wanted to jump in too, but I'm not sure if the challenge is still going on or is this blog abandoned ? :(

ahlin zei

those are so cool! maybe i'll make one...

Anoniem zei

I love your Blog.I would like to know where you found the background of Amelie. Thanks you.

Amy Wing zei

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Anoniem zei

c'est tres cool!!!

I LOVE AMELIE so much!!!

thanks for the challenge, might give it a go myself!!

check out my blog: http://futureartscene.wordpress.com/


Jan zei

Beautiful LO's!

Alexandre FABBRI zei

Some news about Amelie...